Sunday, December 09, 2012

Navy Seal Museum

 Laurie and Dylan drove us up to Ft. Pierce to see the Navy Seal Museum on a gorgeous, hot Florida day.

 On the museum grounds you can explore rescue vehicles, underwater personnel delivery vessels, a helicopter, WWII landing craft, space capsules, and much more. The sidewalk is lined with bricks engraved with the names of donors - I was amazed at how many were from the WWII era. One that made an impression on me was donated by a member of the Army Nurse Corps who was on Utah Beach on D Day. Wow.

 Inside is a complete history of the frogman/seal tradition, with many, many original items and uniforms on display. It was quite fascinating. There were two videos showing what the Seals go through while they're training. It's almost incomprehensible - they have to be super human. I couldn't get over how uncomfortable some of those underwater vehicles looked. And the huge Humvee has only 4 seats- that was a surprise.

UDT - Underwater Demolition Team

SEAL - Sea Air Land

S & R - Search and Rescue

Back in Palm City we had dinner at Hurricane.  What a contrast!