Friday, June 26, 2009

Here Comes the Barn!

Here comes the barn! This was quite an adventure. Abe not only built the barn, but he delivered it and then proceeded to back it in and set it down singlehandedly. Well... he did have a miracle hydramatic high-tech trailer with a remote control so he could lower the barn down and set it in place with his thumb! It was a bit scary to watch - at one point I thought that he was just going to drop it down like a load of wood from a dump truck! It was quite a challenge for Abe to back the trailer around and into position to place the barn in the right spot. Here he's beginning the turn! This is when I was becoming a Nervous Nellie: Oops! That looks dangerous! Holy Moly! TA DA! You can see the entire "download" of the barn as done by Abe holding the remote control. Watch in amazement!