Sunday, October 12, 2014

Babs and Shon

Adam came over this morning with the trailer and cleaned out the barns - hooray - another big job done.  he has been such a big help to us in trying to empty things out.

John and Sharon drove up from Lansing to say good-by to the house and the river.  We had fun visiting, and they helped by carting away some things from our pantry - less for us to deal with!
Barb met us all at Schelde's for brunch, and it was so enjoyable.  The food was delicious, and the conversation was even better.  We had a wonderful time seeing all three of them!  What a terrific day.

In the evening we got a "keeping in touch" phone call from Susan.  She volunteered to come up and help us any time we need help with the packing, sorting, etc.  So far all of our girls (Laurie, Jana, Barb, Sharon, Melanie and Susan have offered to help us out that way.   We're doing OK on our own so far, but we'll see....crunch time is fast approaching!

Sharon sent this email after their visit - it is so thoughtful and sweet - it really touched me:

Hi Uncle Dick and Aunt Nan:

It was so great to visit with you on Sunday.  Thanks again for a delicious brunch and great company.  You both are doing a remarkable job sorting and packing up all of your house.  I know that it has to be a bitter sweet experience, but I am sure it has brought you some smiles, chuckles and great memories as you have uncovered mementos that you didn't even remember than you had.  Your home on the Boardman will always hold wonderful memories for all of us.  We are so grateful for all of the time we were able to spend there.  We were all so lucky that you chose to spend so many years there and include all of our extended family in so many special adventures.

Now you get to make new memories in Florida and eventually in your new condo in TC.  I think you said that today is when you sign the purchase agreement.  Hope that goes well.  I was excited to see the location of your new condo and think it is really a beautiful area and very convenient to get to everything.

Stay in touch and if you need us to come up and help you finish packing, etc. just let me know.

Love, Sharon