Friday, October 19, 2012

Thanks, Kevin and Amy

   Friday we both took a walk. Nancy explored the neighborhood. Apparently there is a termite problem in some of the units and they were enshrouded in these huge covers which look like giant balloons or circus tents.

    I fired up the GPS and hiked off across the Ted Williams to find the nearest cache.

    For lunch, we stayed close and went up the road to the closest strip mall and ate at Wings - N - Things. No more exploring. At the table next to us a group of about 8 guys were playing cards. The faces on the deck looked like Tarot cards. There seemed to be a lot of laughter involved. I guess this is how they spend their lunch hour, no Mountain Bikes for them.

Friday night ranks as the highlight of our San Diego stop. We had dinner with Tom, Kevin, Amy, Maya and our newest great-great-grand niece, Ella. Maya chose the location, she said it was her favorite place. We stopped over at Kevin’s house and met the baby. She’s very cute but let’s face it, she’s a tiny baby. Personality will take a while.

 Maya is the star of the show! She played the piano for us and showed us her room. She is definitely a little Miss Personality Princess.

At the restaurant - Chin, we ordered and ate family style. Maya ordered the appetizers and her favorite dish and we all pitched in. While waiting for our food, Maya switched between showing me how to play games on the iphone and crawling on Uncle Tom. I’m not sure who was enjoying it more.

We also had a chance to chat with Kev and Amy and catch up on their work, their folks, their health, and of course a little talk about THE GAME coming up tomorrow. It was a fun evening and we took a pass on returning to their home after dinner because the old man was having trouble stifling yawns.