Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cacheapalooza 2009


Rain was predicted all week, and they weren't kidding. Today was a drencher - the cachers were either steamed alive in their ponchos or soaked to the skin. The rain would let up just long enough for people to think it was a good window to go out on the trail, and then once they got there, down it came again. One wag congratulated the Cacheapalooza crew for the new event this year - the wet T-shirt contest!

I was lucky enough to be in the pavilion every time there was real rain.

My trail time was limited, but I was able to get back to the car before getting wet. My cachemates weren't so lucky!

Anyway, we had a good time - we were there all day, and there were many interesting things to do and interesting people-watching, nice people to meet, and cute babies.

Dick doing the First to Find dance:

Dick showing off the three cornered tear on his pantleg - always watch out for barbed wire!

Sharkie Crew, Basswood Bend and Nurse Nanna at the Loxahatchee River earth cache:

One of Dick's logs from the pirate series of caches:
December 5 by basswoodbend (2461 found)
A party of ten representing five teams joined up as a group led by the Splatt Pirates to loot the pirates trail. As the rain continued and the trail got long, some members became mutinous. Although the Florida contingent pressed forward with their raiding of the pirate caches, the Michigan members (BB & NN) "showed their true colors" * and mutinied. Seizing a life boat, they abandoned the raid group and after signing the log to justify their claim to the the find, set sail back the way they had come seeking dry clothing and warmer surroundings.

The 5 teams were Basswood Bend, Sharkie Crew, Splatt Pirates, LeeDbb and Nurse Nanna.