Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Flash mob in Vero Beach today at 12:12 p.m. on 12th Street!
Big group photo of 12.12.12 flash mob
Close up of flash mob

Dick is in the group picture - honestly!  He was schmoozing and mingling!

The library cache was fun - the poor receptionist at the children's desk didn't have a clue about the cache, and it was right under the desk beside her.  In fact she had placed her bag on it.  Now she knows :)  The coin we left is our 12.12.12 coin, and it wants to come back to Traverse City.

Found it 12/12/2012 You found Look it up!   Visit Log
After the 12/12/12 event we wanted a good spot to launch our latest coin. This cache has the size plus it looks like it's in a fun location and it's still active after 9 years. We came in, checked the hint and asked the clerk about a box. She gave us a blank stare and showed us an empty cardboard box. She then suggested we knock on the door and check with her supervisor.
Ta Da! We met the owner and had a nice chat. We took nothing and left our card, our pen, our flashlight and our newest coin. We hope we see it again sometime.
Attended 12/12/2012 You attended 12.12.12 - Flash Mob   Visit Log
Well we had a good time at 12:12 with you all. Attending an event where the host is absent is another first for us. Maybe we should plan on getting together next year on 11/12/13.