Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, Gobble

Parades, Football, Turkey, Mother, and Pumpkin Pie.

That's what America is all about.

Well, today anyway.

We did it all, and in that order, too.

Mother was felling "some better". but she doesn't look so good, and she was making some mistakes in choosing her words. She calls Bortz "Knox" for some inexplicable reason. She has trouble remembering the names of those around her. She often refers to Julius as "Luther". She has been on an antibiotic for the past week - the last day will be tomorrow. Maybe that medication contributes to the problem. We're getting the feeling that she may need some major dental work and we're trying to figure out how to best accomplish that without making her too uncomfortable. She really doesn't like to move out of her room. 'Tis a problem.

She ate shrimp, and some homemade dressing and gravy, and a couple of olives. It was good, because she hasn't been eating well for a week - mostly just soups.

Spoke to Jana last night - she's feeling much better. Spoke to Laurie and Dylan today - he eats his pumpkin pie with ice cream instead of whipped cream. It's his favorite part of Thanksgiving. Tom had spoken to Laurie and he plans to spend Thanksgiving with Kevin and Amy's family. They have really welcomed him into their family circle. It's a Good Thing.