Saturday, May 23, 2009


Fantastic, terrific, wonderful, perfect, incredible, amazing, astonishing - gee - we had a really peachy day! The weather couldn't have been better - blue skies, sunshine, 70s, blossoming trees at every turn - wow. Dick printed out some cache descriptions, and we set off for Charlevoix.

What a lovely town Charlevoix is - the scenery is spectacular. The downtown was filled with happy tourists, and the shops were charming and inviting. Lake Charlevoix is just as pretty as the bay, and there were sailboats with white sails setting off the deep blue of the lake.

We did cache maintenance at Greensky Hill - what a magical place that is. The native American traditions are fascinating.
We really enjoyed driving around the whole Charlevoix area, and we found six or seven caches. That was the frosting on the cake.