Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday in the Mall With Dick

Sunday in the Park With George
I don't know why.  It's just the way my mind works.

The weather today was totally unpredictable.  It would rain frogs for 10 minutes, and then the sun would come out.  And this happened two or three times!  So today our walk was in the mall.  I love walking in the mall.  The people watching is always great, and so is the window shopping.  And really, so is the real shopping!

Will Attend 06/29/2014 You will attend July Cachers Meet and Greet Visit Log
We are planning on being there and we will bring some cookies or brownies, something with chocolate in it. We will try to bring Zoroan and the Sharkie Crew with us.
Found it 06/29/2014 You found January 1st Visit Log
Well, although the time has expired, we are glad that the cache has not been archived. If it had been shut down in April, we would never have had a chance for it being snowbirds. The concept is great, we are in the process of fashioning a similar puzzle either for here or Florida. (Or both). Solved the puzzle about a week ago but weren't in the area until today. Thanks for the fun Goldfinch, both in solving the puzzle and finding the cache. It's worth a fav to us.