Friday, April 20, 2007

Off to Florida

We left TC at 7 am on a Northwest AirLink to Detroit. The McNamara Terminal in Detroit is huge, and the ticket agent said that our gate for departure to Palm Beach was more than a mile away. Luckily there was a very willing young wheelchair redcap standing there, so I hopped in and was wheeled in style to our gate. His name was Benjamin and he's a student at U of M Dearborn.
It was a relief to be in First Class after riding the AirLink!! We had a relaxing and enjoyable flight. Laurie picked us up, and after we changed clothes and unloaded everything, we went to pick up Dylan from school!
We had dinner at Benihana - and it was memorable for 2 main things - one was that our chef's assistant must have been new because the items that he needed for cooking were not always available where they should have been. The funniest was when he went to get the rice to do the fried rice, opened the container and it was empty! She also neglected to set out the chicken for one of the dishes, and various other things went awry, so that our poor chef was livid by the end of the whole cooking segment. I must say, though, that the food was delicious, although somewhat seriously delayed by the assistant's lack of competence.
The other thing that was memorable was that four young couples who were obviously out to dinner prior to their prom, were seated across from us. We were in stitches (politely, of course) watching them - the boys' reactions when they saw the prices on the menu, and most of them feeling a little stiff and uncomfortable in their prom clothes. One of them, the girl in yellow, acted like she was at home in her back yard - she was not trying to act "proper" at all - she was jumping around like she was passing notes in study hall.