Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cattle Track

Hooray for the new kitchen floor! We babysat flooring and the installer for the past two days, and so now it's time for an adventure.

Cadillac has tons of interesting caches in and around town. We met Tim and Susie for breakfast at the Cadillac Bob Evans and made plans for our day of caching.

First of all, right in downtown Cadillac, along Mitchell Street, there are two series involving signs or parts of signs. You have to locate the signs pictured, and then put them in order from north to south to arrive at the coordinates of the cache location. We had a great time driving up and down Mitchell Street 87 times (may be a slight exaggeration) trying to find exactly the right signs in exactly the right color! We had two sets of pictures - one for each series - and we got really confused flipping through pages, so we decided to do one series at a time. Even with four sets of eyes it took us hours to finish! We had a super good time, though, and that's the whole point!

We took a break in the middle to get some fresh air and found three caches out in the surrounding area. One was named The Bridge to Nowhere - doesn't that sound intriguing?

We sat in McDonald's so Dick and Tim could figure out all of the final coordinates. After a minor glitch, we found both of them. It was laughable to spend so much time searching and then have the finals be a lamp post skirt lifter and a cemetery! But the search was the fun part, so it didn't really matter where you signed your name.

All in all, it was the kind of day you'd like to put in a bottle - we had a wonderful time.