Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Week That Was

Dick went to visit with Dick D. at his home. They had lunch with homemade bread and lots of conversation. Jan and I met at Showcase Cinema and saw All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. Don't bother! It had its cute moments, and was mildly entertaining, but generally, it was just Bullock being way too goofy. We went out to lunch at Red Robin - good food and lots of fun talking.

The bad experience of the week was being backed into in the Meijer parking lot. Meemic was very understanding and we'll have the poor Rav repaired when we get back to T.C.

On one of our geocaching expeditions, Dick inadvertently left his roll of stickers in a cache. He logged what he had done, and the cache owner went out and retrieved the stickers and left them for us in an easily accessible place. We had fun going back to look for the stickers, and Dick left him one of our coins as a thank you. One of the joys of geocaching is that 95% of cachers are friendly, helpful, and thoughtful.

One of the joys of Ann Arbor is having lunch at Zingerman's Roadhouse. I loved the salad and the side of mac and cheese - the best thing I've ever tasted! Well, maybe.

Friday, Tim and Susie were in Ann Arbor. We went to meet up with them to say hi. Here they are with Tim's Dad, squinting into the late summer sun.