Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shopping Bopping

First of all, we cleaned the playroom to get ready for Auntie Jana. Dick also cleaned the basement entry- we call it the basement entry - the Gillespies call it the mud room, probably because it was a bit muddy when they got here!

It's a lucky thing that Chip drove his truck to TC, because today we filled it up with a "few things". To get enough energy to go shopping, we ate lunch at La Senorita. Then fully fortified, we went to Sam's Club. Oh my goodness, Sam's Club is full of things that you need, and also things that you just want :) We loaded the truck with salt bags for the water softener, trays of bottled water, huge lots of t.p. and paper towels, pounds and pounds of coffee, a couple of coats for Laurie, a couple a books for me, AND (ta da) - the ultimate impulse purchase - a new desk chair for Dick!!!

Then we went off in search of a new patio set for the deck. Home Depot advertised 40% off sets, but we didn't like anything there. Second came Lowe's - and we fell in love with a metal set that was cheap and comfy and just what we wanted. The saleswoman looked it up and said that the display table was the last one they had, so we just bought that one, and 4 chairs to go with it. Chip happily rearranged the bed of the pickup, and we were able to get the table and chairs loaded. Now the truck was really filled up! We didn't like any of their patio umbrellas, so when we got home I ordered one from Sears and it should be here Saturday. Yaaay!

Pizza for dinner - what a fun day!

Laurie's Gallery

Laurie let me upload her disc of all of the photos on her camera - 379, to be exact! Here are the pictures that I loved the best. The first one shows Dick and Kathee marching in the parade:

Here is Chef Dylan making a cherry pie in all its glory :)

When we were in Florida last January, Dylan was chosen the Pillar of Patience for Palm City Elementary School. We had a chance to eat lunch with him at school:

Before they arrived here early in July the Gillespies spent some time in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. They went with two other couples. The purpose of the trip was to climb up Mt. LeConte and stay in the Lodge overnight up on top of the mountain. Here is pictorial proof!

They also climbed Clingman's Dome, which brings back a lot of memories for all of us!