Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Winnie the Guinea

Dylan has some new pets. His Mom and Dad have allowed him to pick out two (2) guinea pigs! He's very excited! It sounds like he will be a very, very responsible pet owner! He named them Winnie the Guinea and Georgalina. Winnie is the brown and white one, and Georgalina is the gray one with a cowlick. Dylan says it's a guinea pig bad hair life!

Chip and Laurie built a custom-made cage with a chloroplast bottom. They have bought the pets a "Snack Shack" and have given them a tennis ball for a toy. They all sit and watch the guinea pigs now instead of TV.

I think that 9 3/4 is just about the perfect age to become responsible for little pets, and I think that W. and G. are very lucky little guineas.