Saturday, September 03, 2011

This is Football Weather?

The Gimper approaching Section 37:

Sept. 3, 2011

Site: Ann Arbor, Mich. (Michigan Stadium)
Score: Michigan 34, Western Michigan 10 (declared final with 1:27 left in third quarter due to weather)
Records: U-M (1-0), Western Michigan (0-1)
Attendance: 110,506
Next U-M Game: Saturday, Sept. 10 -- vs. Notre Dame - Under the Lights (Michigan Stadium), 8 p.m. (TV: ESPN)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Senior weakside linebacker Brandon Herron (Stafford, Texas/Dulles) became the first Wolverine in school history to post two defensive scores in a single contest, helping lead the University of Michigan football to a 34-10 win over Western Michigan in the 2011 season opener, which was declared final with 1:27 in the third quarter due to weather on Saturday (Sept. 3) inside Michigan Stadium. The victory is head coach Brady Hoke's first at the helm of the Michigan program.

Although the opening kickoff featured 90-degree heat and sunny skies, storms from the southwest rolled over Michigan Stadium in the second half. The game was suspended twice in the third quarter after lightning was spotted within six miles of the stadium. The first suspension resulted in only a 30-minute delay, but the bleak outlook of the second suspension forced Michigan and Western Michigan officials to call the game with 1:27 left in the third quarter and declare the Wolverines the winner. This is the first Michigan football game to end due to weather before all 60 minutes of regulation have been played.
The game with Western was quite the experience. It was amazingly hot, hot, hot followed by amazingly wet, wet, wet and windy.

The rains came (and thunder and lightning!):

The students didn't want to leave!

At least it cooled off by 10 degrees or so. Tom and Dick hung in there until the end...I left after the first quarter - just couldn't handle the heat and no shade. Wimpy wimpy wimpy. During the storm, the thermometer in the car said 84.

When we got back to the apartment there were trees and branches down everywhere. What a storm. We ordered pizza and the delivery person actually found our apt.

We had a great time with Tom - he loved the game and had a good time, weather notwithstanding. He wanted the game to continue, claiming that 8 year old girls play soccer in the snow!

Speaking of Tom, our plans have changed and we're not going to Tom's in Dec. Chip has made Captain and will be flying reserve - most likely will have to fly on Christmas Day, and will not be as able to adjust his time off for a while. We're all going to Florida again, and we figure that we'll have Christmas on whatever day he can be home.