Sunday, April 13, 2014

Barb's Birthday

Palm Sunday began in a very ordinary way.  Grocery list, bills to mail, recycling, library.  The best part was in the evening - dinner at Shelly's - a birthday dinner for Barb!

We always have a good time with Barb and her family.  The kids are so cute, and Shelly, Chris, Adam and Melanie are always fun and interesting.  We had some good conversation with Barb and Jim too.

Happy Birthday Barb!

Jana Update:

Wendy Carter
Apr 13
Dear All --

I stopped by the hospital today and overheard another conversation with another doctor.  White blood cell count is down, but unfortunately not pain.  They were planning another CT scan today and then a different diagnostic test I cannot even begin to spell tomorrow.

I will stop by for morning rounds tomorrow and hear the result of the CT Scan.  The medical mystery now is that the abscess is being resolved, but this has not been accompanied by a lessening of pain.  

I'm afraid this means more time in the hospital and no light at the end of the tunnel yet for poor Jana.