Saturday, July 05, 2014

Blue Angels !

John and Sharon have moved in to their rental on Long Lake.  Kevin, Amy, Maya and Ella are with them.  By the end of the week the entire Washington clan will be there together on Long Lake.  Their cottage is named NorthPorch.   And, most of the Steiger clan will be here together at the river.  That's how you can tell that it's almost GenFest time :)

This afternoon we went to watch the Blue Angels, albeit from afar!  We didn't want to battle the congestion and crowds, so we watched from our favorite ridge west of town.  We got good views of much of it, except for the low level aerobatics.  They flew right over our heads around eight times during the show, so we got to see them up close and personal.  Hearing the thunderous roar is half of the fun!

Long nap back at home, because we're going to Interlochen tonight.

The Capitol Steps performed at the Korson Auditorium.  We had excellent seats, and we laughed our heads off.  The performers are truly talented and versatile, and the whole thing was a real pleasure.

Summer Concerts: *JULY 2014 - Capitol Steps (8pm, Corson)

Location: Corson Auditorium

CAPITOL STEPSTaking a stab at anyone within reach of their verbal swords, these Washington insiders present sketches and parody songs based on current events – and the latest scandals from Capitol Hill – that will win everyone’s vote of approval.