Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dynamic Driver Dylan!

We made an offer on the Quail Meadow condo.  Met with Deb and signed all of the papers and wrote the good faith check, and now we wait to hear the counter offer.

Today is the day that Dylan got his learner's permit!

 It was very exciting, and he was extremely pleased and gratified.  We met them at the Traditions Olive Garden.  Dylan drove up and parked, just like a pro  :)  After a nice early dinner, he drove all the way home to Hammock Creek, smiling all of the way.  A memorable event for all of us!

We are leaving Florida on Friday morning.  We had planned to stay until Sunday because there was such bad weather up north.  A bad blood test changed our minds.  I just cannot imagine what is going on in my bloodstream.  My hemoglobin is at 8.7 (supposed to be 12), and my platelet count, which was 61 last week, is now 17.1 (supposed to be 100 - 150).  The doctor here wants me to see a hematologist, but I don't want to start some big medical project down here in Florida, so I'm taking my weekly CBC  results back home to Dr. Burke and see what he says.  I'll see him in T.C. next Thursday.  We have been busy packing.

UPDATE:  There is no dire emergency.  The nurse at Treasure Coast Primary Care misread the test results and gave me the wrong numbers...  We are relieved but a little miffed as well.  She caused us a lot of anxiety and we changed our travel plans because of her mistake. Asi es la vida.

We debated whether to stay or go, but we were influenced by Downton Abbey, in which the family debated whether to take Sybil to the Hospital or not, and you know what happened to her!

Deb just called with a counter offer - we made a counter counter offer.  Waiting to hear results!