Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Day of Mom

Found it 05/11/2014You found Killingsworth Park PondVisit Log
Happy Mothers Day!

May 11th was a blank on our geocaching calendar and this cache is the closest one to home which we have not found. So while Mrs. Bend stayed by the phone to be ready for phone calls from her girls, (Our son called earlier from Logan Airport while waiting to board the plane back to California.) Mr. Bend loaded the cords into the Garmin and set out. It is a beautiful day for a walk in the woods, 74 degrees when I got back to the car. Much better than last year, remember, we had snow. As I approached GZ, Mr. Goose was quite upset, I didn't see the nest but he sure let me know I was encroaching on his territory.
Made the find. Great hide! It earns a favorite from us. Stamped the log and replaced as found. Thanks for the fun time.