Thursday, August 21, 2014

Memorial Gardens, Blair, and Max's

Started our morning by buying burial plots near Gen and Harold.  It's no fun, but it was easy and satisfying.
We went for a walk at the Blair Township Community Park.  It has a very nice paved walking trail, a great playground for the kids, and a super terrific splash pad area.  It's a very nice place.

We had to call Max's Service again today.  Now it's the dishwasher that won't work - it's not getting any power.  Max's can't come out until next Wednesday.  Fume.

I don't want to get too graphic about what's been going in with me.  Just know there have been two TACE procedures,  a couple of MRIs,  a couple of CT scans with hydration,  four new medications, and ten (count 'em, 10)  paracenteses with ultrasound.  Right this second, I'm not being treated for anything.  Evidently the cancer is not responding well to the chemo, and the cirrhosis seems to be more worrisome!  Who knew?!

Anyway, I feel fine because I'm off the chemo, the doctors say I don't look sick (!), and they are not sure what to try next.  Perhaps some radiation mid-September, but it's not etched in stone.

Our T.C. condo is still not under construction.  Through the good graces of our buyer (Casey Cowell) we can rent our house through the end of the year.  The current plan is to pack everything up and put it in storage for the winter.  We'll live in our Florida home until the T.C. condo is ready, and then stand back!  Eventually we plan 6 months here and 6 months there, give or take.