Monday, June 28, 2010

Geocaching Saginaw

After the terrific party last night, of course we had to check around Saginaw for some close and easy caches before heading home. We had 3 DNFs, but we also had some fun:

Found it 06/28/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Rustic Log
We were on our way out of town when this one popped up. Nice hide in a nice little neighborhood park. TFTC

Found it 06/28/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Be Prepared
We came down to Saginaw to help our brother celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary last night. It was a great party, we told them that the first fifty years are the toughest, after that the whole marriage thing starts to make sense. We've had 35 great years together, with 53 years in the bank, that's batting over .700.
No trip is complete with out a few caches and no trip to Saginaw would be complete with out a Windrose cache. We enjoyed the short walk and the container was found after a short hunt.
We recognize that different folks have different goals when geocaching and we respect those differences. One thing we will never understand is why some folks either are not able or can't be bothered to take care in closing the cache container. In this case, the zip lock was not closed and in addition was left protruding from the lock n lock. thus there was no seal. The contents were wet and soggy. We dried it out as best we could and removed the geo-junk. Traded a bottle of hand sanitizer for the TB. TFTC

Found it 06/28/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Double Take
We are not great fans of urban micros, especially the ones that tend to be repetitious. This is a perfect example of how the light pole habit can be broken. Thanks for the fun!

Found it 06/28/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] By George I Think You've Got It
We know where George is but we are wondering about Walter Kolbkl, where's he? Both of our GPS's wanted us to pull over on the xway and climb the fence. We decided not to. Thanks for the fun.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Fiftieth, J & E

Kris and Dan hosted a 50th Wedding Anniversary reception today in Saginaw for Jim and Emilie. We had such a good time re-living old memories, and having a chance to visit with Jim's family.

Kris put together a wonderful display of old pictures and mementos - it was a real blast from the past to see some of those things.

Dan, Jace and Drew - the boys were very enjoyable and well behaved! What a pleasure.

Kris and Drew came and sat by us for a while - Drew could identify "Uncle Dick"! What a sharpie.

Kris, Pam and I

Grandpa Jim with Drew. Drew calls him "Poppa".

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Frankfort Harbor on this scenic day!

We had a terrific day - the weather was just spot-on perfect, we found everything we were looking for, and we ate at 2 of our favorite places! It was idyllic. A good time was had by both!

We found a total of eighteen caches - hard to believe - I never would have guessed that we went to that many. Here are some of the logs:

06/20/2010 You found Catch a cache at Arcadia Lake
Our first cache find was Father's Day, 2003. We have tried to make an excursion each Father's Day since. Because we are both gimped up this year, we have been pretty much limited to P&G's. This one fit our needs perfectly! We loved the park, especially the sculpture of the kids fishing.

When we pulled in there was a guy parked nearly on top of the cache in his pick up. He had brought his boys fishing. He was taking a stogie break while they were down on the platform. All we had to do was wait him out by enjoying the scenery. Thanks for the fun.

06/20/2010 You found ODE TO JOYfield
We had concluded our Father's Day excursion, the afternoon was drawing to a close and we were getting hungry and a little tired but then the Nuvi dinged and we had to pull off to check it out. "Look, RHG has put out another one for us!" We found the cache, signed the log and left a NMC pin. Now lets think about Moomer's for dinner. TFTC

06/20/2010 You found Bear Lake Needs More Caches!
We've had a fun day and it's time to make the turn and head for home. Just a few more. Thanks to Red Hat Grandma, we've found more caches that met our needs than we expected. We replaced the baggie on this one. TFTC

06/20/2010 You found Spirit Series # 1
We've done the other two Spirit Series caches and we enjoy them. We are out on another Father's Day Geocaching expedition. Father's Day is special for us because we found our first cache on Father's Day seven years ago. The last few years has featured brunch at Dinghys and then caching either north in Leelanau or south toward Manistee. This year we had a couple of disappointments, first, Dinghys doesn't do brunch any more and foot problems, a broken toe and gout, has limited us to park and grabs. We weren't sure how many of those we'd find. Not to worry, we found plenty and they were fun! This is just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks for the history and thanks for the hunt.

06/20/2010 You found This is a Road?
Well, come on now! This IS definitely a road! It's even in our Nuvi. Not the challenge of the other two we did today but we'll take it. Thanks for the hunt.

06/20/2010 You found 35mm Signature Cache by Nozzleman671 Visit Log
Another Father's Day Geocaching expedition. This was the most strenuous one of the day but we knew what we were getting into, we've found one up there before. The problem came at the top when we had another 90 feet to go. What will all those muggles say when that old guy climbs over the railing? Well, who cares? It's Father's Day and we can do as we darn well please! Over the top and on to the cache! I did get some strange looks when I came back though. Thanks for the adventure!

06/20/2010 You found This is a road? 3
Yip! Yip! Yahoo! Another fun one of the "Is this a road?" series. Fold in the mirrors, we're coming through! Had to hunt a bit for the container and then find a place to turn around, (Maybe we should do that first.) Thanks for the adventure!

06/20/2010 You found 35mm View of Boo Hoo
Not sure what the "Boo Hoo" is. Could it be the dune across the lake? This was a real challenge because of the muggles camped out on the beach. The camera came in handy as a decoy. Thanks for the fun!

06/20/2010 You found Blaine Twp. Needs More Caches!
Another fun stop on today's caching excursion. We took a picture of the near by grave site. We will upload it when we can. Thanks for the fun!

(This has to be the most unique epitaph we have ever run across in real life! Somebody has a terrific sense of humor!)

06/20/2010 You found This is a road? 2
We love these kinds of cache placements! This was another of our Father's Day Geocaching expeditions. Not to worry, we found plenty and they were fun! None were more fun than the ones we found in this series. We love two tracks! No need for the 4x4 today but our darn Nuvi was acting up. She sent us all over the place, wanted us to go through closed gates a number of times. Luckily the 60csx came through and led us to the cache. We signed the log and traded a hand sanitizer and a lanyard for the TB and the snakes head. Thanks for the adventure!!

06/20/2010 You found Elberta Needs More Caches!
After another fabulous meal at Dinghy's, our favorite area restaurant, we cruised the beach and the town in Frankfort. Then we came over here for the view and the cache. We beat you to it, Ruth, changed out the log book and waited out the muggles until we could replace it. Thanks for the fun!

06/20/2010 You posted a note for Another Crystal Clear View
Buzz mumble grump grump! We pulled a DNF on this one last year and hoped to erase it today. Unfortunately, a pair of muggles in love were parked nearly on top of the cache. We tried to wait them out but they won. Oh well, remember what Scarlet said.

06/20/2010 You found Crystal Gazer
Lovely spot, we weren't aware of it. Unlike the previous park we visited we had this spot to ourselves. As previously noted, the log book was wet. We replaced it and the baggie. TFTC

06/20/2010 You found Crystal Facets
Boy was this little park busy today! Beach lovers, boaters and picnickers galore. Near the cache is the neatest fungi!

We will try to upload a picture. We found the cache in good shape, traded sigs and left a hand sanitizer. Thanks for the fun!

06/20/2010 You found Just Around the Corner
We love spirit quest caches and the hide on this one is unique and special. Took nothing, left a compass rose tag. Thanks for the hunt!!

$um $um $ummertime

It's good to find out on the first hot summer day that your air conditioner no longer works! Wonder of wonders, the man from Bob's has already been here and we'll be getting a new unit on Wednesday. Hooray!

Also, Old Mission Windows is going to replace our living room picture window - its seal is broken. It may have happened last winter when a very large bird blasted into it - but then again, the window is 20 yers old, so who knows.

Today Dick has been washing windows. What a difference clean windows make!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Seattle to T.C. by way of ...Dallas?

Dick's Report:

Seattle – Dallas – Chicago – Home

For a 6:05 a.m. flight, we had a 4:30 shuttle and thus a 3:45 wake up call. We didn’t need it. We were both ready to head for home. From getting up, to getting to the airport to going through security, almost everything went smoothly. Nancy did get rechecked because of the Nyquil and I screwed up by not taking the lap top out of the bag, but compared to our TC experience two weeks ago, it went smoothly.

Boarding also went smoothly, we were called for pre-boarding and settled into row 14. Three and a half hours later we deplaned at DFW and the fun began. We had an hour between planes and Nancy was met with a chair so it should have been a piece of cake. We get off at A 14 and board at E 23. According to the American Way map, there is a train that circles the terminal with stops near both of our gates.
All we have to do is roll up the gangway, get on the train, go around from A to E and arrive at our gate. Not at DFW. We roll up the gangway and - - - wait - - - for a courtesy car. There goes the first 20 minutes. I jokingly suggest that I should have found my own way to the gate and we could see who got there first. We get on the car and cruise through the terminal following and dodging travelers looking for their gates. “Excuse the car please.” “Car behind you.” At least in Chicago they have beepers. While still in A terminal, we stop while the driver escorts a passenger to the top of the escalator. When he returns, we continue. When he next stops, he takes us to an elevator, the largest we’ve seen and we go up a level. Here he directs us to some seats where we are to wait for a different car. Car number two arrives and the woman driver goes across an enclosed bridge alongside moving walk ways to another elevator. She escorts us to the lower level where there are seats for us to wait for a different car. At least this time we didn’t leave other passengers waiting in the car, we had it to ourselves.
The car arrives with a passenger. The driver must escort her to the upper level car the driver of which waits until we are in the lower level car. We must wait until the driver of this car returns, we have now burned up 45 minutes.

Here we go again through the terminal filled with travelers. This driver is a very soft spoken man of obvious Indian descent. His constant refrain “Excuse the car” in a sing song voice could barely be heard by us let alone the people in front of him.

We arrive at our gate in time to join the mob boarding the 777. We made it! It took an hour but we made it. No food or potty stop but we made it. On our way to Chicago, but we made it. What could go wrong? The plane is full and our seats are in the back, we slowly make our way to find that the seat is occupied! With the help of the flight attendant she finds her seat and we claim ours.

Chicago is different, our gate is in terminal I, and we’ve never been there before. It’s a long way from G. This time we get a regular chair and the transfer is a piece of cake. During our two hour wait we observe the drama of a plane with a mechanical returned to the gate. The passengers were upset after sitting on the tarmac for an hour. The worse was yet to come. After another half hour wait the flight was canceled and they had to reschedule. The eavesdropping and the people watching was great.
We were on time and back home by 9PM. We should be exhausted but the adrenalin from being in our own space was such we both stayed up ‘till after 12.