Monday, July 14, 2008

Dunes Day

In France, today is Bastille Day. For us it is Dunes Day. Chip rode his Kawasaki and the rest of us went in the Subaru. We began by doing a geocache near a little cemetery, Dylan actually was instrumental in finding the clue - he was kicking around in some tall grass and found a stake with writing on it! The clue was to walk 50 paces East to find the cache, and we made short work of it. The cemetery had an interesting display such as nobody has ever seen before - Dick took a picture of it:
After this successful search, we met Chip at Art's Tavern for lunch. Everybody enjoyed their lunch, especially Dylan, who had a blackberry cobbler for dessert!
At the Dune Climb, it was Interlochen Day. There were swarms of children going up and down and spreading their paraphernalia all around. Three school bus loads of children is a lot of kids. They were having fun and the only trouble makers were a couple of the counselors with power squirters.

After a hot climb, we went across the road to the park on Little Glen Lake so everybody could cool off.

This was a most satisfactory day.