Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wednesday That Was

An outline is a good way to start any writing task. This day has been so chock full of events that an outline is where I'm starting. I may fill in the outline later, but then again, I may not.

1. 9:15-appointment with Dr. Burke. He ordered blood tests and an ultrasound of the gall bladder area for Saturday. He's thinking that I will need to have it removed. I was quite upset at the prospect because of our travel plans. Luckily Dick was right there with me to say all of the right things. We're waiting for test results to see if surgery will be necessary. This is me patiently waiting to see how the results will affect our Scandinavian cruise.

2. Picked up my new glasses - I'm so happy with them. I'm stylin' now!

3. Met Tim and Susie for lunch at Maggie's in Cadillac. Susie is doing well since her knee surgery. She has some stiffness and some twinges, but it's not slowing her down that much. We haven't seen them for several weeks, so it was really great catching up with everything!

4. The four of us went geocaching for the afternoon - I think 6 or 7 caches were found. A lot of the finds were the first of 2008! The last find had Tim holding Susie upsidedown so she could reach under a bridge! I walked trails and parking lots with my ski sticks, and I'm sure I got in a lot of exercise.

5. Dick and I got back to TC in time to take advantage of Comfort Center's sale. Our two new mattresses will be delivered tomorrow.

6. On the way home, we were stopped for about a half an hour because of a single car accident on West River Road. Two ambulances left the scene with people inside. The third ambulance appeared to be empty.

7. At 7:30, Dick has chicken and veggies on the grill ready for dinner! It smells wonderful!