Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We Love Sebring!

On the advice of our friend Don (Capt. Bud), we decided to spend a couple of days west and north of Okeechobee caching, exploring and riding around. We had such a good time!
Sebring is a delightful small town with scenic lakes and nice shopping areas.
When this was built, it was a pier out over the water. Now, not so much.
On the way to Sebring, we stopped to do some caching at Lake Okeechobee. The Big Lake is down to about 10 feet deep over all due to the recent drought. Dick tried his delayed picture-taking on his new Nikon, and it worked well !
One of the caches that Dick found today was guarded by the biggest spider we ever want to see !
This was a magnificent tree by the Sebring Burger King. Could this possibly be a guava tree?
Cachers are So Clever! We got a kick out of the name of this one - "Get the F Out of Florida".

Unfortunately, Lake Jackson is drying up also, just like Lake Okeechobee. The pontoon boat is high and dry, and the No Mooring sign seems a bit redundant! OK, so it's obvious that we're not in Michigan anymore!
This sign fascinated me! Please notice that in the English version "Cresent" is spelled incorrectly, but in the Spanish version, "Crescent" is spelled correctly. What could possibly be the reason for that??

We found 16 caches today!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express - really nice. I love their new linens - great pillows, towels, sheets and such.

On our way out of town the next morning, here's what we saw in the parking lot at Mac Land - try that at Chum's Corner!