Thursday, August 09, 2007

On The Road

Dick had an appointment this morning (annual check-up), so we all went out to breakfast to get the day off to a good start.

Dick and I stayed in town to go to the Doctor and fill up the Ford for our trip today, while Laurie and Dylan went home to pack. Laurie not only packed, she changed the bed linens and just generally straightened everything up! I'm really going to miss Laurie!!

The disks with the GenFest professional pictures came in the mail, so our departure had to wait for some downloading, uploading, and e-mailing. I almost got it all finished! We're pleased with the proofs.

We left for Grand Rapids around 4 p.m., and we had a really pleasant drive. At one point we ran into some heavy rain - it was a real novelty for us - poor T.C. needs that rain in the worst way!

We're staying at the Sleep Inn near the airport - L & D are flying home tomorrow morning. This motel has a parrot in the lobby (Winslow III). We said hi and he said hi. Dylan snapped his fingers, and the bird made a snapping noise. We kept talking to it and all of a sudden he made a noise just like a telephone ringing! It was amazing!

We had dinner at Carrabba's, and everything was absolutely delicious.

It will be sad to say goodbye in the morning - we will really miss them. We have some geocaches lined up to search for on our way home tomorrow.