Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coldwater Thursday

Today we wanted to place one of our coins in Branch County, which turned out to be much more of a challenge than we expected!

We finally did 5 caches, but a three of them were micros and not big enough for a coin. We attempted more caches, but 2 of them eluded us - very frustrating! Oh well - it was a beautiful day for a drive, we had a nice lunch at Los Tequilas, and we got acquainted with Coldwater - a nice town.

I'm still not feeling 100% (my legs are still worn out from yesterday) but you can have a good time if you've a mind to! We finally did place our Branch County coin in the bee box cache. It was a long drive home. Stopped at Busch's for groceries for dinner.

Here are Dick's logs for today:
9/13/2007 You found bee box (Traditional Cache)
We are on a quest to find caches in all of Michigan’s 83 counties. We are naming one of our coins which commemorate our 50th wedding anniversary for each of the remaining counties we visit. Today we visited Coldwater to log Branch County and to find a cache in which we can launch our coin for this county. We didn’t have a very good day. We had picked out a cache but sadly, it was the first of three DNF’s we had to log today. That was followed by a couple of caches that were too small. Thankfully we found another of The Bucket brigade’s caches. We left our coin and a chalkboard kit. Thanks for a cache we could find and in which our coin would fit.

Found it 9/13/2007 You found 151 (Traditional Cache)
This was our first find in Branch County. Little did we know that soon we would think that it might be our last. We were a little uncomfortable looking in a private yard but saw the hiding spot from the street. Traded TB’s and left a chalkboard set. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 9/13/2007 You found Relax! It's the Best Medicine. (Traditional Cache)
We were in Coldwater adding Branch County to our list of counties cached in today. Because of a set of circumstances, we were out with a new Garmin GPS that we have not yet mastered. Luckily, as we were thrashing around trying to figure it out, Hunster showed up just in time to give us lessons. Thanks to him, we have a better grasp of it. This is a very peaceful spot. Thanks for showing it to us.

Found it 9/13/2007 You found Take a Breather (Traditional Cache)
A quick easy find that we needed after three straight skunks. Thanks for the hunt.

Found it 9/13/2007 You found If You Hide It They Will Come (Traditional Cache)
We had hoped that our coin would fit here but it's just a bit small. We left a geo pin and a Basswood Bend pencil. thanks for the hunt.

Didn 9/13/2007 You couldn't find A Tribute to George (Unknown Cache)
We are on a quest to find a cache in each of Michigan’s 83 counties. In each new county we are launching one of our 50th anniversary commemorative coins. We had hoped to start our Branch County coin here. Unfortunately, we are not wise enough wizards to solve the puzzle for this cache. We pushed and pulled, tugged and twisted but feared that we might force it and break something. We also searched all of the nearby objects for the hint but –
Oh Well.

Didn 9/13/2007 You couldn't find Superstitious (Traditional Cache) [
Dang! Two in a row! Coldwater is not being kind to us today.