Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Good Day

Lots of campers this Memorial Day weekend!

What a beautiful day!  moderate temps, and bright blue sky!  We went driving to do some cache maintenance - first at Lake Dubonnet, and then at the Garey Lake multi-cache,  Everything is now updated and good to go.

Driving around afterwards, we checked out a unique boat launch at Brooks Lake, and then saw more boat launches along our route.  Sounds like a series to me :)

Can't remember the name of the road, but we found this wooded valley just full of blooming trillium -  they were so spectacular and so abundant - it was an awesome display.

Dick asked me if I wanted to drive to Glen Arbor, but I opted for Moomer's - I mean, really!

Touring Traverse City, it was fun to see all the people who are enjoying themselves downtown today.  We're not the only ones who love T.C.  The splash pad was up and running, and the little ones were having a blast.  The streets were full of people, and many were carrying shopping bags - a good sign!

The trees lining the streets are in full bloom, and on a sunny, fantastic day like this, it is such a gorgeous sight to behold.

Feeling good today!  It's a real treat!  Slept well last night, and my facial erythema is still red, but less hot and itchy.  Hallelujah!  It's a good day.