Monday, May 24, 2010

Glacier Bay Cruising

Great way to start the day - breakfast at the Horizon Court Buffet. Bacon bagel, fruit...OK, and a small Danish!

This was the only day on the whole trip that we had rain - and we were at sea, so who cares? It let up quite a bit before we got to the truly scenic part of the bay.

Here are some awesome views of the magnificent glaciers of Glacier Bay!
Up close and personal:

Monday 5/24/1 Promenade before breakfast, 2.8 time around = 1 mile. While waiting, eating, and coffee we see humpbacks and sea lions. Sign up for internet $55 = 100 min. Wheelhouse Lounge = diet coke National Park Service presentation by Ranger Emily re: Glacier Bay, then lunch – Horizon Ct. Bill reports sea food buffet, = another lunch. So another mile or so on the promenade. Up the Tarr Inlet to Margerie (blue) and Grand Pacific (black) glaciers. Ranger sees puffin and bear, we don’t at that time, puffins later. Back to the Johns Hopkins Inlet and glacier. Drinks at Crooners, ghastly version of mojito. Dinner was best meal yet. King crab leg appetizer, seafood soup, surf&turf = shrimp and fillet followed by Princess Love Boat (chocolate mousse & ice cream).

BABY WHALE - If you watch this video to the end, you'll see the baby humpback breach (come completely out of the water and flip)!