Friday, August 01, 2014

No Surgery, No TACE, No Condo

Jana's surgery has been postponed because of a blood test result.  Here's her Facebook post:

Errr ... Plan B. My surgeon did not like some of the numbers on my blood work, and canceled the surgery. So after a tiny tantrum and a massive pity party, Laurie and I declared it sister togetherness day and went to watch IMAX movies and visit the space shuttle at Udvar Hazy.

So the day wasn't a total loss :)

No plans for me either.  Dr. Mir called as promised. and reported that Dr. Ruch is out of town until next Tuesday.  The two of them have to discuss my case to decide what action to take next.  I'll most likely know next Tuesday or Wednesday.

We met Beccy at Lone Tree to tour a condo that's available.  It's not perfect, so we have mixed feelings about it...for a change!