Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Caching Around Ann Arbor

Gee it's fun to drive around Ann Arbor. You never know what you might see!

Every year something else is torn up and closed off! This town will never be totally finished. But I mean it - I really do love driving around - it's such a great place with some wonderful neighborhoods!

We found 8 caches today in the city. My favorite one was Sangha Hall. It is a very informal Buddhist temple. The cache description begins: "Penetrate the Dharma Gate. Look to the jade Buddha for guidance. He will tell you what is right if you look left." Who could resist?

September 8 by basswoodbend (2298 found)
Sangha Hall
We are staying in Ann Arbor at Oak Valley Ranch for what has become our annual football month. In addition to visiting old friends and haunts, (and haunted friends) we try to get out for a day or two (or three or four) of caching each week. Today the rain quit about noon so off we went. This one looked interesting and we loaded it and went to seek. Found it about 1:00 and enjoyed our snoop around. It was time for lunch and so we decided on Chinese. Nuvi told us the nearest was Chia Shiang just down Packard. It's authentic, we were the only people in there besides the waitress who spoke English. The food was good. Thanks for the cache and the inspiration.

Today would have been Mother's 101st birthday.