Sunday, December 28, 2008


Henry Flagler was a Florida pioneer and developer. Along with John D. Rockefeller, he was one of the founders of Standard Oil.

Mr. Flagler established eight luxurious hotels, including the Breakers. He also developed Jonathan Dickinson State Park and the Florida East Coast Railroad. He is credited with making Florida a haven for tourists and foreign visitors. He named his Florida home Whitehall, and lived there just six weeks out of the year!

Today we went to visit Whitehall and to marvel at its beauty and opulence. The art work alone is worth the price of admission. We opted for the handheld audio tour, and it was very well done. Dylan was fascinated with the entire adventure and never tired of listening to all of the details. I enjoyed watching him as well as looking at all of the fabulous rooms. We loved the whole experience.

Mr. Flagler's formal dining room

We're all listening to the story of the Grand Hall - the largest room in the mansion.

One of the fantastic Christmas trees - this one was decorated with an animal theme. There were animal cracker boxes hanging on it as ornaments.

Drove back to Stuart afterwards for an early dinner at Shrimpers on Manatee Pocket.

Another great Florida day!