Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth

I heard someone say "may the Fourth be with you!." I thought it was really cute, but my kids went nyuck and hardee har har. My kids are just way too cool :)

We had no special plans for the day - just to take the day off, and to cook Dick's barbecued ribs.

Cousin Rick came out to wait for his kids - they were coming from Brown Bridge Dam to here. We had a nice visit, and of course he had the obligatory golf car ride. The kids arrived (Emily and her friends Kristen and Ankoor) - they had a good float, and of course they rode in the golf car too. You can't escape it! Muhahaha! Emily and her boyfriend Ankoor are both in Med School at MSU. She's in the D.O school and he's in the M.D. school. The story I liked best is that Ankoor (pronounced like "encore") is a twin and he was born second. He claims that that's not why he was named that, but he can't prove it!

We took a Subaru cruise through town - everything is being set up for the Cherry Festival, which starts on Saturday. Tents, fences, stages, venues - roads are blocked, and everything looks very festive. At 1:30 p.m., people have already parked their motor homes along Grandview Parkway for fireworks watching at dusk tonight. The town is very touristy - the streets are jammed with shoppers, gawkers, walkers, and strollers.

The ribs were great. We had a good day - very relaxing. We played a lot of WoW also. Plus I got 2 Pogo badges - poker and word whomp. Nothing but fun.