Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rehoboth Beach

Jana's friend Wendy wanted to learn about geocaching. We just happened to need to find a cache in Delaware. It just so happens that one of Jana's favorite road trips is over to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We had a great trip, with good company, good food, and geocaching success! What could be better?

First of all, we checked out of the Comfort Inn on 13th Street, and moved all of our stuff over to Jana's kitchen. We'll be moving to Arlington tonight because Laurie and Dylan are flying in tomorrow.

Then we picked up Wendy, who lives right in Jana's near neighborhood, and we were off on our adventure! It's an interesting drive. You begin in the Washington/Maryland metroplex, and after crossing the Bay Bridge, you're in the country. The word we used to describe it is "bucolic". Chicken farms, dairy farms, lots of empty land, and a few small towns.

We started geocaching as soon as we crossed the Delaware State line. Five caches were found today, and the newbie found one of them!

Wendy toe-dipping in the Atlantic at Rehoboth Beach.

Jana and Wendy

Rehoboth Beach,Delaware