Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Lobster Shanty

Today we drove up to Cocoa Beach to have lunch with Chris and Dennis. They chose The Lobster Shanty - and it was a great choice. It was a super lunch, and lots of fun conversation. It turns out that when Chris and her first husband were at Penn State they were quite well acquainted with Jerry Sandusky and his wife. Chris's husband was on the coaching staff as well. Chris said she spent a lot more time with Dotty than with Jerry, but that she never felt totally comfortable with him. I guess she could pick up some bad vibes back then.

 We always have such fun with them, and today was no exception.

 We overdid it a bit on the way home. We drove up on A1A the whole way, and it took us a bit longer than we had expected. We ended up with about an hour in the dark and in rush hour traffic. We were pretty tired when we got home. Several caches were found along the way:

  At The Edge Again   Visit Log We couldn't figure what was going on today. The parking lot was packed but there was no one on the beach. Where did they go? Unfortunately, there were a couple of guys sitting at a table near the cache. How do you explain the need to search the trees? Went into CITO mode and picked up trash and put it into the receptacle. The baggie was torn so we replaced it. Took nothing but the trash, left a finger puppet, signed log and replaced as found. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 12/15/2011 You found Six Inches Down   Visit Log We hate micros! The tube hanging from the fence by the parking lot, the nano on the stop sign by Publix, the key holder slapped on the guardrail, the film can on the lamp post,
etc. However, when the owner takes you to a beautiful place, when they putforth
the extra effort to create a unique container, when the coordinates are precise and don't force you to inspect every bush, branch, stick, and vine within a 50 foot radius, we thinks it deserves a favorite. Thanks for the cache! We loved it. Signed log and replaced as found.
Found it 12/15/2011 You found A Day At The Beach #1   Visit Log The passing muggle probably is still wondering what that old geezer was doing passed out on the deck. Unusual hide. There are no trackables in the cache today. Took nothing, signed log and left with cramps.
Found it 12/15/2011 You found Welcome to...Merritt Island Two   Visit Log We looked high and low, here and there, up and down, but we couldn't find the flowers. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC
Didn 12/15/2011 You couldn't find Corn Dog Gone Bad   Visit Log Hard to believe that we are the only folks to seek this one since the 7th but it is what it is. Skunked
Found it 12/15/2011 You found President Harding's Oceanfront Lot   Visit Log We came up to Cocoa Beach today to have lunch with another retired history teacher and his professor wife. The other day we picked a TB out of a cache. It wants to go north visiting military installations and memorials along the way. We tried
for the AF base but struck out. Here was a cache that was large enough and had a
historical message as well. A quick and easy find, we signed the log and left the 
bug and our pathtag. Thanks for providing us with a spot to drop the bug.