Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yuck of a Day

Got an early start, and were ready to roll. Before we even got to Garfield Dick noticed that something was flapping on the roof of the car. It turned out to be a plastic strip from the roof rack - it must have been loosened in the car wash last night. Then, on Meauwataka Road, a turkey flew into our antenna - no damage to us or to the turkey, but it was kind of a shock! We began to wonder what else would happen on this trip because we were off to kind of a shaky beginning!

Around Midland we began to get a misty, moisty hazy kind of a light rain. Stopped for lunch along the highway at Panera Bread - creamy tomato soup in a bread bowl - a real love pat for the tummy.

By the time we got to Brighton it was a hard, splashy, low visiblility kind of a heavy rain. This continued through Ohio. We stopped in Port Clinton in time to watch the fabulous Michigan State/Tennessee tournament game! That was the most cliff hangiest of all cliff hangers! It was a miraculous win. They should have won, too, because they were seeded higher than Tennessee, and we know how accurate that seeding process is!

Port Clinton is right on Lake Erie. Our motel was on the shore of the lake, and we had a great view of it out of our motel window.

The only problem was that it was so rainy, misty, hazy and gray that the sky and the lake looked the same - I'm sure the views would be much better on a clear, sunny day.

I'll bet you didn't know that there really is a Catholic Church named Little Sisters of the Poor! It's here in Port Clinton. Dick also liked the Happy Hookers Bait Shop.

Port Clinton was all excited about their boys' basketball team who had come in second in the State tournament. This very morning they lost the championship game - ruining their streak of 26 straight wins! The signs were all over town - go Redskins, or just go Skins.