Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Collage

It has been such a long time since I wrote anything! I'm not sure why exactly - maybe I burned out from all of the Florida blogging! So this is a brief synopsis of our February, 2008!

It has been a fine month for us. The weather has been cold and snowy since we got home, but it's very nice inside by the fire.

We've been going to the gym again and it's been fun re-connecting with everybody there. The exercises feel good, too. It takes a couple of visits to get back to where we were before we went to Florida.

One Wednesday we had a great lunch with Tim and Susie at the Olive Garden and that was as enjoyable as it always is. They were in town to buy things for the new addition to their home in Grayling.

We had dinner with Sharon and John at Champp's in Dewitt on the Friday evening before the MiGO Winter Social. It was fantastically fun catching up on our nephews' activities and plans. We made plans to have GenFest at the river on August 3, the day after Adam and Melanie's wedding.

The Winter Social was enjoyable. As usual, the part that was the most fun for me was the silent auction. I'll show you my new bracelet anytime you want! It was interesting to talk to Radman's mother - holy cow - none of us was quite sure how much of her story to believe! She's a most unusual person. I enjoyed talking to Tim, Susie, Lydia, Jerry, Justin and Heather and everybody else - it was impossible to touch base with everyone! The business meeting was too late, too long and too boring, but dinner at the Draft House with T&S made up for it! Hooray for popcorn and nachos!

Today we met with Diane at Triple A to finalize plans for our cruise with Sniders in May. I get very excited just thinking about cruising the Baltic and visiting all of the Scandinavian countries! We'll be gone from May 18 to May 30.

Tomorrow is Leap Year Day - kind of like getting a free day :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Laurie

Happy Birthday! You were born at 12:29 a.m., 20 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. You just couldn't wait to get here :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Home Again

This last leg of the trip was all the way from Charleston, West Virginia to 888 East River Road! We had planned to stop somewhere in Ohio and then make it home the next day. Dick was feeling good about driving, and we had heard that a big storm was up ahead of us. We decided to keep driving until we ran into the storm and then stop for the night. Well, we never ran into the storm! So we just kept on driving along, and we got home sometime around 7:30 p.m.

When we came into the house, it became obvious that the furnace wasn't working. Dick tried all of the suggested things to try to get it going again. Luckily, Bob's Furnace has 24 hour emergency service, and it took Stu about 15 minutes to put the furnace back in business!

So we're home again, the house is freezing, and we'll sleep in our clothes!

Hi Traverse City!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Charlotte to Charleston, WV

Today we found a cache in our 21st State.

We saw a foreshadowing the other day on the Interstate - we saw a double bottomed semi still smoking on the grass past the right shoulder, and long black tire tracks on the roadway where it had skidded to a stop. Dick said that it was a case of brakes locking up.

Today we saw a sign alongside the road that was flashing and it said Accident Ahead Prepare to Stop. I thought I had misread the sign, because how could they know ahead of time that there would be an accident and be ready with a flashing sign?? When we saw the second sign, we knew that I had read it correctly! Traffic was stop-and-go for about a half an hour and the reason was that a semi was buried in the median, which was kind of a ditch, and people couldn't figure out how to get it out! There were about 14,000 men standing around in day-glo vests with their hands in their pockets and shrugging their shoulders. There were dozens of emergency vehicles and police cars parked all around the area - it was quite a big deal!!

We went through one long tunnel, and that's always fun. Dick says there was a second tunnel, but i slept through it. Darn!

This was a mountainous driving day. It was raining, splashing, misty, foggy, with fast traffic and curvy terrain. Not easy driving!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Charlotte (Pineville), NC Day Two

On Sunday morning in Charlotte, everybody goes to church. Everybody! The church parking lots are jammed. They have annex parking lots with shuttle buses. There are police officers directing traffic into the parking lots before church, and out after church. From 10:30 until 12:30 we had the streets to ourselves - no traffic anywhere. We could make U-turns anywhere we wanted.


1. Drivers from Virginia seem pushy.
2. North and South Carolina are nicer and cleaner than I expected they would be.
3. Somedays when you're geocaching, muggles get in your way All Day Long.
4. Hobbies can sometimes be as frustrating as work.
5. When you're tired enough, at McDonald's drive-through you order de-coff caffee.
6. Hummers are annoying. They're way too big and some of them have ridiculous

Charlotte has a really nice Mexican restaurant - it was definitely authentic, judging by both staff and customers.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rock Hill, S.C. & Pineville, N.C.

Today we drove from Savannah, Georgia through South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina. Well really, Pineville is where our Comfort Inn is. We picked up two caches in South Carolina, and that's our 19th State.
2/2/2008 You found Life is Just a Bowlful of Magnetic Cherries (Traditional Cache)
What a fantastic park! The folks here are very lucky. We celebrated our 50th anniversary last June and had a coin created to commemorate the event. We set as a goal to find a cache in each of the 83 counties in Michigan and to launch one of our coins in each one.
Once that task was accomplished, we decided that our next quest is to find a cache and launch a coin in each of the 50 states. South Carolina is number 19 and this is the cache we selected.
Signed the log, traded our coin for a TB from Michigan, and left a geo patch.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to start our coin off in such a beautiful park.

We stopped for lunch in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They had a nice restaurant called Susie's (how could we resist?) But the most impressive thing that we saw in Rock Hill was Cherry Park. It's an amazing place - a perfectly wonderful, beautiful, clean and shiny park. They have 6 baseball and softball fields arranged in a huge circle. At the center of the circle is a 3 story press box kind of a building shaped like a hexagon with one side for each field. It's quite a deal.
The hiking path was an asphalt boulevard, with one side for walkers, and the other side for bikes and dogs. At the entrance is an impressive statue of Casey at the Bat - he has Mudville written on the back of his shirt. We were everlastingly impressed with this nice park. We liked what we saw of Rock Hill.

We leave South Carolina with the above tribute to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks (!!!)

The battery has died on Dick's Lenovo laptop, and so after we checked into our Pineville Comfort Inn we valiantly tried to work on it. We finally were able to remove the battery from the laptop, so that's at least Step 1 accomplished. We decided to stay here in Charlotte for two nights - tomorrow we want to do some sightseeing in Charlotte, and some geocaching also. We're planning to watch the Super Bowl at The Hickory Tavern.

Friday, February 01, 2008

In Which We leave Florida

We stayed with Laurie and Chip last night. Chip made us great pancakes and bacon this morning and then it was farewell to Saint Creek Drive and Hammock Creek. Dick took these pictures for me - I love the landscaping around the entrance and the gatehouse.

Bye Bye Hammock Creek. It's been great!

We hit I-95 and headed for Savannah. Tonight we're just south of Savannah in Richmond Hill, Georgia. It was a very pleasant travel day, and a lovely Comfort Inn. We ate at Beef O'Brady's, a sports bar (my new favorite venue)! It was comfortable and fun. Beef's is a strong supporter of local athletics, both athletes and coaches. We liked Richmond Hill. The sign said it's a Henry Ford City (?).
These El Cheapo gas stations are all over this area. The cheapest we've seen so far is $2.75.

The Character Cafe

Since Dylan is the Pillar of Patience this month for the PCE character construction project, we all went to lunch at school in his honor. We chose Grandpa to sit on the stage with MisterD, but the PTA ladies said that we could all sit with them and also that we could each have a cup of ice cream!
Things don't get any better than this! We are very proud of Dylan, and he was really happy to have us there. It was a Good Thing.

Dick took this picture just for Sharon. This Lincoln Navigator was parked outside of Dylan's school as we left the building!

We met the realtor at our house in Summerfield so she could do a walk through and make sure that we hadn't done any damage! We turned in our keys and remotes and waved goodbye to Warwick Lane.

I chose to eat our last Florida dinner at Duffy's, which is a sports bar. It's a totally comfortable place and exactly matches my level of sophistication! I had a great time.