Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Destination Fairbanks

Dick's notes from our first travel day:

Tues 5/18/10 The adventure begins!
Flight @ 2:30. Start with breakfast @ Omlette Shope, one last pass through TC and then to airport aprox 11:30, check bags, one overweight ($70), then to security and disaster. Nancy is obviously a threat. Off with shoes and then all bags pawed through. Although she had containers in clear bags, another one needed. Once that was done, bags screened again and then we were allowed to proceed.
O’Hare went smoothly, flight was long. At SeaTac we get a chair and travel to Terminal N (walkway, tram, walkway) to meet with B&J. Wheel chair leaves. After lunch, back at the gate there has been a change in gate and time. Round up another chair and make the change. On to Fairbanks and bags, they made it!! As we fly in at midnight local, we could see the sunset on the horizon.
Board bus and wait. We learn that we are the first group through. It’s the young driver's first trip. We are waiting for 2 more people. We wait. Another plane lands, we wait. Finally 10 (ten) more board. Now he says we are waiting for 2 more people.
After a while 3 more board and we are good to go, but oops, we can’t. You have to remove the chocks from in front and back of the wheels first. (How funny!)
Finally, we get to the Princess Lodge in Fairbanks, check in and go to bed, it’s been a 28 hour day. I don’t think it ever got totally dark


We arrived at midnight. There was a wait for the bus. Basically we just arrived at our room and collapsed!