Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Myer Barn

Memorial Day is fast approaching, so we went to Skegemog Gardens by the Library to pick out the geraniums for this year.  We stepped out of the car, and there they were, not ten steps away.  They had been planted with ivy and the spiky plant - it was just what we had talked about doing....a very cosmic experience.  So Mom and Dad are all ready for the big holiday.

§  Thank you for everything, Mom and Dad!  "Wait til the sun shines, "Mary""  §

Then back out to the peninsula to finalize the maintenance at the Myer Quilt Barn.  It should now be totally waterproof.  We noticed that now all of those small trees along the road are dedicated to special people.  They all have small plaques explaining the dedication.  What a very nice thing.

We enjoyed driving around the area, and headed home by way of Bluff Road - very scenic.