Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Day So Far

Went to neighbor Mary's house to sign up her housekeeper, Cheryl, to come to our house too, in the future. I can't call her a cleaning lady, because I think she's an upgrade from that, so for the time being I'm calling her our housekeeper. She comes here next Wednesday - hooray!

Then I sat in a dental tech's chair for an hour getting my teeth cleaned, and listening to Kathy's stories. Dick picked me up and we went to the mall. We bought new ditty bags for our trip and some approved travel sized items to put inside. Dick got some sport pants and a really attractive polo shirt.

On to the food court for a really late lunch and some carousel-watching. China Wok, of course. While I finished up, Dick went down to the shoe store for new shoes and sox. Then back to Target for shoe polish.

We are beginning to have fun getting ready for our cruise.

Home for a rest, and after this I think I'll go out side and cut daffodils. It's another supremely gorgeous day!


I deadheaded all of the daffodils and dug all of the dandelions out of the perennial garden. Hey - deadheaded daffodils & dug dandelions - how alliterative! Dick is splitting wood and adding it to the woodpile in the shed, and also getting the Schoolhouse ready to give to Baby Izzy.

Down by woodhenge, in the old volleyball court area, there's a strutting goose patrolling the entire field. Yesterday when I came through in the golf cart, he just walked around quietly until I got a little too close. The he flew to the river and swam around honking very loudly! He was still there today, so I'm thinking that maybe there's a nest somewhere around there. I think I'll just let him be for a while, although it takes 28 to 35 days for the eggs to hatch.