Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rock Hill, S.C. & Pineville, N.C.

Today we drove from Savannah, Georgia through South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina. Well really, Pineville is where our Comfort Inn is. We picked up two caches in South Carolina, and that's our 19th State.
2/2/2008 You found Life is Just a Bowlful of Magnetic Cherries (Traditional Cache)
What a fantastic park! The folks here are very lucky. We celebrated our 50th anniversary last June and had a coin created to commemorate the event. We set as a goal to find a cache in each of the 83 counties in Michigan and to launch one of our coins in each one.
Once that task was accomplished, we decided that our next quest is to find a cache and launch a coin in each of the 50 states. South Carolina is number 19 and this is the cache we selected.
Signed the log, traded our coin for a TB from Michigan, and left a geo patch.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to start our coin off in such a beautiful park.

We stopped for lunch in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They had a nice restaurant called Susie's (how could we resist?) But the most impressive thing that we saw in Rock Hill was Cherry Park. It's an amazing place - a perfectly wonderful, beautiful, clean and shiny park. They have 6 baseball and softball fields arranged in a huge circle. At the center of the circle is a 3 story press box kind of a building shaped like a hexagon with one side for each field. It's quite a deal.
The hiking path was an asphalt boulevard, with one side for walkers, and the other side for bikes and dogs. At the entrance is an impressive statue of Casey at the Bat - he has Mudville written on the back of his shirt. We were everlastingly impressed with this nice park. We liked what we saw of Rock Hill.

We leave South Carolina with the above tribute to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks (!!!)

The battery has died on Dick's Lenovo laptop, and so after we checked into our Pineville Comfort Inn we valiantly tried to work on it. We finally were able to remove the battery from the laptop, so that's at least Step 1 accomplished. We decided to stay here in Charlotte for two nights - tomorrow we want to do some sightseeing in Charlotte, and some geocaching also. We're planning to watch the Super Bowl at The Hickory Tavern.