Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Richard planted the bushes in front of the house eighteen years ago when we first retired. It looked really nice until just a couple of years ago when the potentilla decided not to bloom so profusely, and the rhodos got very tempermental about whether they would bloom or not. It was time for a change. Keith from Traverse Outdoor came up with a plan, and now it's a reality!

Oh boy oh boy - hydrangeas and dwarf lilacs in front of the covered porch! What a nice change. There's a great view from my bedroom window.

The front porch 18 year old potentilla bushes and rhodos have been replaced by carpet roses, veronica, serviceberry tree, viburnum, spirea, juniper and some flowering perennials. Mike and Brad from Traverse Outdoor did the work (on those 95 degree days!).

Our new entrance with fresh baby plantings:

Soon there will be a mini-barn delivered - it's for the golf cart, snowbolower and kayaks. Mike and Brad also cut down seven or eight trees to make room for the barn. Then they played with the Bobcat to level off the site and add gravel.

OK, the site is all prepared and level and we're ready for the barn - bring it on!