Sunday, September 20, 2009

45th Kanitz Reunion

The 45th Kanitz Reunion was held once again in the Tri-County Sportsmen's League in Saline. This year's attendance was 111. Jim, Dick and I were the representatives of our branch of the family.
Here I am giving my brother an earful.

Who's in charge next year?? OMG!!

Well I guess we got over it - we'll be in charge next year. Holy Moly!

Crowd shot

The groaning board - the food was as abundant as ever.

Dick at the dessert table in the yellow shirt. He had his choice of everything chocolate.

Jim went back for seconds - photographic evidence!

My first cousin Ron - the highlight of the business meeting. He is 85 years old - so hard to believe!

My first cousin Loyola and her husband Duane. There were 6 first cousins there altogether - Ron, Wayne, Loyola, Rex, Jim and I. Originally, there were 27 of us.

The younger set - it looks as though the Kanitz name will live on for a while yet!

Factoid: Jack's son Jeremy (1st cousin once removed) got back from Iraq 4 months ago. He said it wasn't that bad if you like adrenalin at night.

Quote: Linda (1st cousin once removed) said, "I've never seen a Kanitz that wasn't good looking!"

Joke: Cousin Ron recited an inspirational poem. He said it was by Helen Hunt. He said,"If you want a copy you can go to Helen Hunt for it." He broke the place up!

Relief: We had several offers of assistance to help with setting up next year's reunion. It's hard for Jim and me since we live far away and don't have much family nearby to pitch in. Plus the 3 of us are all in our 70s and not as spry as we once were!