Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi Sharon! Hi John!

We drove up to Lansing to visit with John and Sharon, and to see more pictures of baby Maya! We had a great visit - it's always fun to catch up on the family news. It was very special to hear about their trip to L.A. to visit their first grandchild, and to see the special pictures. You just can't get enough of baby pictures!

John treated us to lunch at the Red Robin - that's always enjoyable. Thank you John!
We had an interesting conversation, and we all enjoyed just sitting and talking after lunch.

On the way into the restaurant, Dick noticed that the gas price across the street was $2.81, and on the way out at the same station the price was $2.73 after just an hour or so! Of course we filled up.

On the way up and back to Ann Arbor we found nine caches. It was a beautiful drive - the fall colors are arriving in southern Michigan and the red maples in particular are just glowing.