Friday, February 21, 2014

Return to Quail Meadow

Dick's letter to Barb and Sharon about our return to Palm City:

Boy did we ever get out of town at the right time. When we left the airport, the runway was clear and dry, in Chicago there was heavy overcast but just a light sprinkle. On the flight down, the pilot was a good friend of Chip's. We didn't get a chance to talk to him but it all went well, we landed 10 min. early and Laurie was right there to take us home.

 Dylan is up at Tallahassee for a meeting of Youth in Government so we went out to dinner with Chip and Laurie to Flanigan's, an Irish Pub/Restaurant which maintains a St. Paddie's Day countdown clock.

This morning I'm reading the Wretched Eagle and see that after we left the rain came and turned the roads to ice, that temp is heading into the teens and more snow is on the way. 

Don't want you to be jealous but here the temp is 75, we have the windows open and are enjoying the sunshine. 

I just don't know what we ever did to get so lucky.