Monday, January 07, 2013

My Kind of Day!

It all began at Walmart and Target, where we bought some groceries, some fun items in the one dollar section, and a messenger bag for Dick's new iPad.  It's remarkable how much fun you can have buying things for one dollar each!

Off to the ocean!  We went to the Jensen Sea Turtle Beach on Hutchinson Island to enjoy the beautiful surf, sand and sky.  It was very windy, and there were several kite boarders taking advantage of the stiff breeze.  It's always fun to watch them.  They were really going fast today.

Lunch on Ocean Blvd. at Chillin' the Most.  It was fine - too chilly for me.  Dick liked his shrimp bisque and wings.

Caching came next - we did an earth cache a mile down the road.

Found it 01/07/2013 You found Barrier Island & Dune Dynamics - Hutchinson Island Visit Log
The schools are back up and running so we guess we are retired again. To celebrate, we came out to sit a spell and look at the ocean. Might as well grab a smilie before we leave. Thanks for the education, the smilie and the fun.

Just as we finished it began to rain.  But it didn't matter because we had already had a super day. :)

Played a little World of Warcraft with Laurie: