Friday, February 15, 2013

Champps Lansing

Drove down to DeWitt on a cold, blustery day.  Winter is trying to recapture us after the bliss of sun, sea and sand!

Checked in to the Sleep Inn - oh yes, we remember this one - no bathtub, just a funky shower.  No room for really moving around, the whole room is a very tight squeeze!  But it's warm, and the beds are comfy.  And it's just for 2 nights!

We met Sharon and John for dinner at Champps - it's right by the Town Center shopping area, only 4 miles or so from the motel.

They are just back from California, so they had super pictures of their pride and joy, Maya and Ella - a real couple of cuties!  We heard all of the news of Tom, Kevin and Amy, Joyce and Richard, and the whole California "shirt tail" family:)  We spent a great couple of hours eating, chatting and taking up space while the lobby filled with people waiting for a table!  Hehehe.  Thanks, John and Sharon for a great evening.