Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

Dylan Has Landed!

We're all jumping up and down with excitement and delight. In honor of Easter, Jana and Dylan are doing the Bunny Hop.

We loaded their things into the car, and then took the Metro to the Eastern Market Station. The Market was our destination for the afternoon, but first....brunch at the Banana Cafe!

Then off to the Eastern Market - we found a good place to sit and have something cold to drink.
The market has flowers, crafts, foods, and all kinds of wonderful things. Dylan had spotted the Capitol Building on the way over to the Market - he couldn't wait - he wanted to go see it right away. So Laurie, Dylan and Dick walked over to the Capitol, and Jana and I engaged in some serious people-watching.

After they had toured the Capitol grounds, and some of us had walked around the Market looking for a good souvenir, we discovered a Baskin-Robbins kitty corner from the Metro stop. Who wants to pass that up?

The Metro ride back to the Airport was so funny! We were jammed in like sardines, but we all had good seats. Mr. D. wanted to stand up all the way - he enjoyed the jerking around! It was so interesting - two people boarded the train with their bikes! There was really no room, and they held the bikes vertically up im the air - one of them had a wheel rubbing his chin - luckily they were only there for a couple of stops - I'm sure they were not comfortable!

Back at the Airport, we went back to the car and drove to the Comfort Inn in Alexandria.