Saturday, November 01, 2008

Find #2000

Although geocachers say that it's not about the numbers, somehow the numbers become important as you go along. So today we are proudly celebrating the finding of our 2000th geocache.

We did an earth cache over at Elk Lake - it was fun and easy, on a really nice day. The pictures didn't turn out - they were purple for some reason.

So we went back the next day, which was not such a nice day, and took the official 2000th find pictures.

We weren't really happy with those either, so Tim and Susie took these other pictures for us at a later date. Anyway, it's a minor big deal, if there is such a thing.

We wanted to do a special cache for number 2000 and after suffering through another Wolverine disaster, decided to take a drive and find this one. We have been here many times, the Elk, Skegemog, Torch cruise is one of our favorites which is highlighted by lunch at Docksides. When we were kids, there was still an excursion boat that sailed out of Elk Rapids and the bridges across the Torch and Clam rivers were the swing type. Thanks for bringing us out today.