Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Northern Michigan Antelope?

Back to the gym - everything was kind of low key there today - not too crowded. There's a new UBE machine - I used it right away - it's a lot like the old ones. All 3 technicians were there today - usually we just get one or two. I talked to Marge about our upcoming cruise and it turns out that she and her husband Bill had been in a lot of the places where we are headed. She said that they were in Helsinki in May, and there was still snow on the ground! I'm not sure how to pack for snow in May in Finland.

At the Omelette Shoppe we were catching up on our reading in the free handout papers. A lot of the conversation was about new restaurants in the area. One of the new places is called Radish - our waitress said that it is reminiscent of small restaurants in the San Diego area that just serve soups and salad. The paper said it would have a 60 item salad bar - sounds great, huh? It's just a little hole-in-the-wall place in Old Town - hope they do well.

Another new eating place which is a fun topic of conversation is El Dorado. They plan to serve free range wild boar and antelope. No kidding. How does a wild boar taco sound? How many of those do you want?! I don't understand how wild boar and antelope are really all that applicable to northern Michigan!

Returning books to the Library, we spotted some gorgeous geraniums at the new Depot City Market. Skegemog Nurseries has a great spot there at the depot with plants that are healthy, thriving and lush. We had purchased new urns for Mom and Dad's spot at the cemetery last week - got them all set up and ready for new plants. So today we planted these gorgeous geraniums in the new urns, and everything should look wonderful for Memorial Day - even though we won't be here.

Packing panic continues. I keep changing my mind about things...