Wednesday, May 25, 2011

San Jacinto Mountains

A beautiful day to head for the hills! Tom loaded his mountain bike, Dick loaded his cache bag, and off we went. We dropped Tom at Hurkey Creek Park, and we went exploring. What great weather - what great scenery... We found a total of seven caches for the day, and a good time was had by all.

Dick's logs:

05/25/2011 You found Speed of Light Visit Log
We cameup to Idyllwild today to drop off our son the physicist (BA MIT, PhD U of Mich) on the bike trail and spend some time exploring and caching. We spotted this one and forced him to come along with us to the site. He knew of the scientist and told us about the experiment and the discovery which resulted in him being awarded the Nobel Prize. (We pretended to understand) However, he was not aware of this place or of the experimental attempt to measure the speed of light. We all enjoyed our day up here. Thanks for maintaining this virtual cache.

05/25/2011 You found Living Free Visit Log
We dropped our son and his new mountain bike off at the camp ground and drove back to start caching here. Nice hide, fairly quick find, signed the log and left our card and pathtag. Thanks for the fun.

05/25/2011 You found Pines to Palms (243A) Visit Log
After we dropped the biker off Hurkey Creek, we came back to Idyllwild to do some caching. This was a quick find. The log needs attention, full and a little damp. TFTC

05/25/2011 You found IDY Strawberry Creek Visit LogHad to look a bit but we found it and signed the log and left our micro card. TFTC
05/25/2011 You found Pines to Palms (243C) Visit LogThis hide was worth a chuckle. As we pulled up I said, "Don't need the GPS for this one!" I do that so often and so often I'm just flat wrong. We signed the very full log book where we could. It really needs to be replaced. TFTC
05/25/2011 You found SNDFISH Visit Log
We came up to Idyllwild today with our son. We dropped him off to go mountain biking while we went caching. This was our favorite find of the day. Great view, easy access and a nice sized dry hide with a great camo concept. We took nothing, signed the log and left our card and Apache Tears. Thanks for the fun!

05/25/2011 You found Dorothy & Toto's Retreat Visit Log
We came up today with our son on a combined biking geocaching trip. We truly enjoyed the hide in a quaint artsy town. Signed the log, traded sigs and left our pathtag. Thanks for the fun.